Vaniman Master Mobile Problast

Vaniman Master Mobile Problast

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Master Mobile Problast

The Problast line is a collection of high quality portable micro abrasive blasters built with maximum utility yet with economy in mind. It incorporates a hose purging system between uses.  Other Vaniman Products are available at discounted rates.  Call or email for quote ( 435-225-6423).

  • Insta-off feature immediately starts and stops media flow.
  • Complete Single Tank System.
  • Built-in pressure delivery system including a 0-100psi adjustable filter regulator and foot pedal control.
  • Handles all types of blasting media from 60 to 360 grit, 25-250 micron.
  • Available with three different tanks for varying medias 25-50, 50-100, or 110-250 micron tank size.
  • Designed for pinpoint accuracy on small or hard to reach areas.
  • A variety of pencil point nozzles are available depending on media used.
  • Maximum longevity and maintainability with no metal wear points from tank to nozzle and “quick change” hose fittings
  • Convenient 6 foot handpiece hose.


  • Unit Net wt: 5 lbs. (without abrasive)
  • Unit size: Height 10 in. Width 6 in. Depth 7 in.

Recommendations for use:

  • For use of dolomite as the media we Unit Net wt: 5 lbs. (without abrasive)

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